A Guide to All Kinds of Outdoor Lighting For Gardens

In this article, you’ll learn about the most popular types of outdoor lighting. We’ll discuss Recess lighting, a stylish way to highlight architectural features. We’ll also discuss String lights, a low-cost way to create zoning. And, we’ll cover Hardscape lights, a relatively new addition to outdoor lighting. So, what do you need to know before you start planning your lighting scheme?

Recess lighting is a stylish way to highlight architectural features

Recessed lighting can also be used in decking, to guide guests safely around walkways and to enhance the ambiance of a garden. In addition to decking and garden walls, you can use light-up planters to make the space even more interesting. You can also install recessed lighting in a fountain to highlight the beauty of the area. Here are some tips to help you choose the right lighting for your garden.

Outdoor wall lighting is a low-voltage, moderately-bright option that focuses light on recessed areas. It can be used around a garden’s perimeter, such as the stairs, or along an interior pergola. It can also be used to highlight low-lying spots, such as sunken seating areas. You can install recessed lights on both sides of a fence to create a beautiful visual identifier for guests.

String lights are a cost-effective way to create zoning

If you’d like to add more zoning to your garden, one inexpensive solution is to install string lights. String lights can be hung on a shepherds hook and pushed into the ground with equal spacing, and you can move them around to highlight different areas. Another way to hang string lights is to wrap them around trees and branches. Then you can strung them between trees or in the space in between.

When string lights are installed, they create a playful element in your garden. Tiny glowing bulbs highlight the shape of a tree and cast a light over the garden below. You can choose a spectrum of colors for your lighting needs, or stick to a subtle warm white for a more elegant appearance. A good way to set up lighting in your garden is to consider the location and the type of garden you have.

Hardscape lights are a newer addition to outdoor lighting

Designed for small spaces, low-profile Hardscape fixtures can be hidden under other landscape or architectural features. Hardscape fixtures can be used to highlight water features, backyard streams, outdoor entertainment areas, and more. Additionally, these fixtures can add subtle illumination to areas such as edges of decks, driveways, and vegetation. Typically, landscape lighting products come with six feet of lead wire. They come in many different colors and styles to suit any outdoor space.

Compared to traditional bulbs, LED hardscape step lights are highly efficient. High-powered hardscape step lights, for example, are capable of providing 100 lm/W of light. They are also extremely durable, with no maintenance required. LEDs are also more efficient than incandescent bulbs, and their luminous efficiency has surpassed that of energy-saving incandescent lamps. And because LED lighting has no UV or infrared spectrum, they do not strain the human eye.

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