10 Secrets to Selling Your Home Faster

The first step to selling your home is finding buyers. Start by posting ads on real estate websites and social networking groups. We buy houses in Houston TX, at the best prices. The property owner does not need to look for buyers, as we will buy the house in any condition.

What Affects the Price of a Property

A dozen things can affect the price of a home: whether it’s in a city or a gated community, whether it’s recently renovated, or what’s close to the property. Here are the most important criteria.

  • Legal clearance. Buyers are looking for houses with one owner, with no encumbrances, and with the documents. For such properties, set a high price because its purchase is safe.
  • Neighborhood. Houses in favorable, clean, and safe neighborhoods always cost more.
  • Technical condition. A buyer wants a house that doesn’t have a leaky roof and doesn’t require electricity. If the property does not require repair, its price goes up.
  • Infrastructure. Stores, schools, and hospitals near the house increase their price.
  • Readiness for the deal. Homes with no tenants buy more quickly than those that are still occupied. People pay more for the opportunity to move into a new home right away.
  • Seasonality. Demand for detached homes is cyclical. It increases in the spring and fall and wanes in the winter and summer.

The first impression cannot be made twice, so the buyer must like the house at first sight. Start with simple chores to make your home more appealing: remove weeds, mend a lopsided fence, and clean the house.

Be polite, open, don’t be late for the meeting, and tell everything about the house – this will build trust with potential buyers. Come to the site in advance and prepare the house – do the cleaning, and airing of the room. Be honest with buyers about the advantages and disadvantages of the house. Answer questions openly and give useful information. For example, if a family with children comes to view, mention that there is a school nearby or that there is an ideal room for a nursery on the second floor.

If we are talking about a house that is not being demolished, in a living condition, then the goal of preparatory measures is the same – cleanliness, order, and accessibility for inspection. You can make minor repairs, make sure to disassemble all the things and remove unnecessary things. Before viewings, it is advisable to remove personal belongings so that the buyer does not have the impression that he invaded someone else’s property.

Selling your home on your own

When you sell your home on your own, you post listings, meet with buyers, and show the property. The upside is you save on agent commission. Minus – you deal with all the steps, including the preparation of documents. This is time-consuming and requires knowledge of contracts and other paperwork.

Sometimes it’s more profitable to finish a house and sell it as finished than as unfinished. Selling an unfinished house takes a long time because fewer buyers are interested in such a purchase. But if the house isn’t finished, you can still sell it.

Through a Real Estate Agency

When you sell your property through a realtor, you’re shifting some of the seller’s tasks to him or her. Specialist communicates with buyers, places ads and conducts showings, prepares documents, and accompanies the transaction. Plus – a Realtor’s income depends on the number of successful transactions, so he will try to quickly find buyers and remove objections. Realtors are versed in documentation: they will help safely handle documents and solve the sale of problematic real estate. Minus – realtor takes a commission (3-5% of the transaction amount).

However, it increases the cost of selling the house, which is not convenient for everyone. Christian House Buyers is ready to buy any property quickly and for cash.

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